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How to order AEV NOW!

Welcome to AEV NOW, your personal real estate editing platform. Here is a step-by-step guide to placing an order. Please contact us during working hours if you need help.



Step 1: Sign-Up

Contact us to set up login credentials. We'll collect payment info over the phone and provide you with a username/password to get started. You won't be charged until after you have placed an order.

Step 2: Create and Order

Create an order by entering a reference name for your order.


Step 3: Choose A Service

Choose which service is best for you. We have several packages that include standard retouches, as well as ale carte options. IF you are ordering Virtual Staging, you will want to take a look at our furniture gallery to select which Style#s to use.

Step 4: Upload Images

Drag and Drop, Upload from your device, or even add images from Dropbox. You will see your files loading in the box on the right. Make sure to tell us how many images to expect in the quanity field below.


Step 5: Give Us Instructions

Make sure to tell us what device you used to capture your images so that we can select the best settings for enhancing them. If you have any specific details, retouches, or concerns, please make sure to write them in the Additonal Instruction field. 

Step 6: Submit

Once all of your images have finished uploading and order details have been added, hit submit. You will receive a confirmation message in the same window.

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